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What do Hoover and Tanalised timber have in common?

It might seem like an odd question to many, given that vacuum cleaners bear no relation to pressure treated timber. The short answer however, is that both terms have been used incorrectly, confusing the branding within the market place.

Getting the terminology right

Amongst those of us in the timber industry, we often hear the term “Tanalised timber” and yet Tanalised is a brand name and not a generic process description! What we should actually be talking about is pressure treated timber.

pressure treated timber

Does it matter? Well we think so, as businesses are often not aware of the many brands and operations that can provide high quality pressure treated timber chemicals and services across the UK.

Tanalised and Tanalith are trademarks of Arch Timber Treatments – they relate to the company’s pressure treated timber activities.

Wolman, Koppers and Impra are further brands involved in pressure treated timber processes. Do you know enough about them to feel confident in your choice of treatment service?

TreatWright credentials

What WJ Group can do, is tell you more about its brand of TreatWright preservative timber treatments, suitable for all Use Classes up to Use Class 4. Supplying timber treatment services across the UK, we exclusively use our own branded service, that can be highly tuned to the needs of our customers.

TreatWright LP is our low pressure treatment service - ideal for internal timbers such as door frames, timber flooring and ceilings.

TreatWright HP is our high pressure timber treatment service (the Tanalised timber equivalent). Highly specified for the needs of our customers and with excellent mould control credentials, TreatWright HP is suitable for external and in ground timber that is treated to Use Class 3 and 4.

So hopefully we’ve helped to alleviate the confusion that lies around pressure treated timber terminology. Being aware of the brands available will ensure that you make the right choice for your own business.


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