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Meet the team

WJ Group Team














It's always good to be able to picture who you're talking to at the end of the phone and so we'd like to introduce the most familiar faces that you might come across at WJ Group. 

Mark Eggleston

Mark Eggleston - Managing Director (Directs it)

Mark is the proud owner and Managing Director of WJ Group, having set the business up from scratch in 2007, with his wife Helen (pictured below). Not a stranger to hard work and maintaining the widest possible job description known for an MD, Mark can be found planning the future, visiting a customer or even driving the forklift, should the need arise. This photo shows a rare occurrence of Mark wearing a smart jacket. Don't wait for a tie...




Mike Atkinson

Mike Atkinson - General Manager (Organises it)

Mike’s your able man for the job on many fronts – responsible for a wide area of the operational business day to day and always keen to get stuck in, he’ll draw it beautifully from your brief, make it perfectly to your requirements and get it swiftly delivered to you precisely on time; every day of the week, every month of the year. If you like a good job doing, you’ll like Mike.





John Cook WJ Group

John Cook – Operations Manager (Operates It)

Boasting much experience in lean manufacturing and world class operations, John is our fully seasoned Operations Manager, tasked with improving everything that we do and ultimately making things as good as possible for our customers. John also claims to make excellent Yorkshire puddings in one of the oldest working back boiler ranges in the country – which just happens to be located in his 170 year old Yorkshire cottage. We’re looking forward to sampling them…




Neil Allison Commercial Manager

Neil Allison - Commercial Manager (Sells It)

Whilst Neil's home town is Hull, you'll detect a slight Aussie hint in his accent due to a six year stint down under, working for Deb Australia (a division of SC Johnson) as Regional Business Development Manager. Today, Neil enjoys developing more business with our customers and introducing our strengths to those yet to know us, whilst supporting his two young daughters with their sporting adventures.




Andrew Pantry WJ Group

Andrew Pantry – Treatment Plant Manager (Streamlines It)

Tasked with continuously improving the extremely busy timber treatment plant in Hull, Andrew certainly has his hands full. But he comes well-equipped, with 28 years' experience in the timber industry that most recently saw him hold the rather ritzy title of Kaizen Facilitator at John Brash. What with this and an impressive golfing handicap of 13, we're quite sure he's up to the job. 





Phil Brown General Manager Rochester

Phil Brown - General Manager Rochester (Manages it)

Down at our southern base, Phil is in charge. In fact, that’s where the buck stops in Rochester, Kent.  With a smile onboard, Phil runs a ship-shape operation and he and his team will always ensure your timber is promptly treated - whether it's one or one hundred packs. But don’t delay too long in picking it up - he might just anti-slip it too!





Danny Bullement

Danny Bullement - Financial Controller (Counts it)

KPI is Danny’s middle name. A true and remarkably human financial controller in every sense of the word, nothing escapes Danny’s beady eye – an attribute that is not always good when you have the pleasure of working with him. Business performance is managed with remarkable efficiency whilst Danny’s the man that pays the bills – so be nice to him.





Helen Eggleston

Helen Eggleston - Sales Order Processing (Plans it)

Our professional master list-maker in the office, Helen ensures that sufficient attention is given to every last detail – nothing is overlooked when Helen is about and we are thankful for it, most of the time. Her lists can become our lists and then more lists can be made. It’s good news for our lovely customers however and her tremendous organisation skills ensure that they get exactly what they ordered; which is what it’s all about surely.




Lucy Eggleston

Lucy Eggleston - General Admin (Orders and Tests it)

An excellent multi-tasker, Lucy keeps things running smoothly in a variety of areas, making everyone’s life easier. Buying all of the raw materials for the business, Lucy also keeps firmly on top of the necessary timber treatment testing and our ISO requirements. There’s lots of things that Lucy does to ensure that the office runs as effectively as possible.





Dave Kynman

Dave Kynman - Timber Products Manager (Makes it)

Dave is your hands on man. He’d be really useful to have around the house but we’re lucky enough to have him around the factory. With the customer always at the front of his mind, Dave ensures that everything is made and processed to meet their requirements. Juggling all manner of demands, Dave also works to meet every customer deadline asked of him.





Coby Taylor

Coby Taylor - Office Admin (Sorts it)

Our go-to girl if you need to know where anything is, Coby consistently offers a cheery “hello” at the end of the phone. We hope it makes you smile because it keeps us happy all day. And once all of the paperwork is exactly where it needs to be, Coby makes an excellent cup of coffee – it’s well worth a visit just for a decent cuppa.





Joe Mason WJ Group

Joe Mason - Office Admin (Also Sorts it)

Oh the office is getting well and truly sorted now, with a busy team that love getting the job done. Joe is armed with an A level 3 Diploma in Business Management and he's a great asset to the gang. You might meet him on the phone as he loves talking to our customers.






Denise Birch

Denise Birch – Office Administration Rochester (Records it)

We all need a “Denise” to keep the office running smoothly, day in day out. Our Denise is resident in Rochester and come rain or shine, she will always know where everything is. But don’t linger too long in her office, you might just be filed away.


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